With Partner with Nicki, I’ll help you create and launch your own real estate wholesaling business in much less time than you think. 

Because an entrepreneur’s home life and business life sometimes run together, I’ll be giving you resources you can use in your personal life as well.

 And since I love wholesaling, I’ll be helping you have fun in your business, just like I do. I want you to be successful and achieve all your goals through real estate.

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Partner With Nicki

I’m Nicki Hillsman, my team and I teach boss ladies just like you how to launch and have a successful and lucrative career in real estate wholesaling. 

All of us are working hard at being great moms, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriend. And we work just as hard fulfilling our dreams of owning our own real estate business. 

But this industry has been driven by men and that’s why we share all the secrets and tea on how to make it big in this business. 

You have always been interested in real estate and great at solving problems. Now it’s time to put the two together and launch your real estate business.

Maximize Your Time

We know how to create and launch a successful real estate wholesaling business from scratch. That’s where we rock!

We show ladies just like you how to cut through the mess, weed out the nonsense and get right to business of wholesaling real estate. 

Through partnerships we teach you how to maximize your time, reduce the learning curve and take the steps to success quickly.  


Our Services



Whether you’re new or experienced in Real Estate Wholesaling, we are here for you to support you and guide you to get your business started or take it to the next level. Our wealth of skills ensure you get the best experience while you learn and study at your own pace. We offer online and in person classes to ensure you succeed in Real Estate Wholesaling.

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Are you looking to begin your career as a Real Estate Wholesaler at a faster pace? If you don't want to get your new business started alone, we offer mentoring services for lady bosses to guide you through from start to finish. Our mentoring services give you in depth hands on experience to guarantee you know as much as possible about Real Estate Wholesaling faster than if you tried it on your own.

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 Our team hosts one, two and three day workshops designed with boss ladies who are interested in taking their wholesaling business to the next level in mind. We are committed to ensuring that you launch a successful real estate wholesaling career. Learn everything you need to know about launching a new business in real estate sales. Use these opportunities to ask questions, network and learn.  

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Partner Boost

Need more direction to get ready to launch your real estate business?

Book a Partner Boost call to see how we can meet you are take you to launch and beyond. We offer flexible schedules and formats to help you get your real estate wholesaling business boosted! 


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Learn everything the female entrepreneur needs to know to launch your own real estate wholesaling business. 

Since real estate has been a male dominated field, this e-book gives you insight and instructions on how women can make serious money in real estate by wholesaling. 

Work from home (or anywhere really) in this lucrative business that you can start today, just by doing the steps outlined in this book. 

You will gain knowledge on how to find motivated sellers, cash buyers, networking and so much more. 

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Pre-Reigster for Online Course - Limited Spots Available

Are you ready to buckle down and learn how to wholesale real estate? We offer a fully  relatable and easy to understand course outlining all of the steps to launch a successful and profitable real estate wholesaling business.

 Course includes 8+ lessons, knowledge tests, practical examples, scripts and more. You’ll be added to my private Facebook group, access to weekly conference calls and email support. 

Invest today to lock your price and you will receive 300 free leads to get you started.

Early Bird Pricing - $499

Online Course Regular Pricing -  $749 One time payment or 3 installments  $250 each

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