About Nicki

I am Nicki Hillsman, real estate investor and wholesaler, business launcher and mentor. Since the start of this millennium I have been active in the real estate community. I have worked with first time home buyers, new home builders and now real estate investing and wholesaling is my real estate passion.

Originally from the midwest, I knew early on that I wanted to own my businesses and create a career doing something that I loved. I learned about the gift of real estate shortly after I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that my real estate career began. I have worked with a diverse groups of clients from Afghanistan to Hawaii. 

I have been given the opportunity to work for clients at every stage of the home buying process. Real estate has always been a rewarding career for me because I love problem solving and helping others. 

Now headquartered in Texas, the last several years my real estate business has only focused on real estate investing, wholesaling and mentoring those interested in the industry. I am fortunate to be able to wholesale real estate all over the country as well show others how to do the same.


My sincerest wish is that I can give you the tools, resources and motivation to launch your own real estate wholesaling business. 

I’ll be there for you to:

Understand how to survive and compete in male dominated industry.

Know where your sales will come from.

Stay motivated even when times get slow.

Scale and grow your business when it’s time.

Give you to confidence you need to launch your business quickly.

Happy Wholesaling,

Nicki Hillsman


Real Customer Reviews

Marcie Adams

"I really enjoyed working with Nicki to learn wholesaling. She was knowledgeable and helped me get my first contract after trying on my own for months. Talking to sellers became easier with her help. The course was easy to understand. And any questions I had were always answered quickly. I recommend anyone with a little free time to enroll in her course to learn wholesaling. I'm signing up for coaching next!"

Tanya Peters

"Love the  mentoring! So much information and was able to close my first deal in a couple weeks!"

Tracey Blue

"A great coach, I've learned so much in a little bit of time."