Partner With Nicki

Real Estate Wholesaling Mentoring Program

If you are looking to create a lifestyle in real estate that is more than a career, doesn’t require all your time and stay miles ahead of the competition by becoming the go-to girl in your local market for real estate investors, this program is for you.

Come create prosperity in your new business so that you can generate sales while working less. 

In this program you’ll learn to create an outstanding seller and investor experience so that you get extraordinary reviews and watch yourself fall in love with your real estate business.



The Next Real Estate Wholesaling Lady Boss

You are like many women who want to have a dazzling career in real estate. 

You want to start a business in real estate but have no idea how to begin taking the steps to get started.

You want to have a flexible work schedule and be in control of your time

You enjoy being a problem solver and helping people with their real estate needs.

I was just like you: burned out from Corporate America, tired of working for someone else and not living to my full potential. 

Starting a real estate business sounds great and looks easy from what you read and see online, but fear of failure keeps you right where you are.

But you don’t want to give up on your dreams, and that is what brought you here. 

You want to know the secrets to launching your own wholesaling real estate business.

You Got This!

I know you can do this because you took the first steps by visiting this site. 

You are not just looking for more tutorials and YouTube videos, you are looking for a partner. 

You want to be your own boss for once and be known as the real estate wholesaling expert among your friends.  

You’re already know what it takes to have a successful business but you know you need to put in more action to make it happen.

You’re ready to be a full time mompreneur and control your life and schedule the way you want. 

You want to vacation and chill out whenever you want but still love what you do and be excited about it. 

Real estate wholesaling gives women the power to that and so much more.

This Is What You Want!

  • Partnership - More than just learning on your own, someone with you through it all.

  • Easy Entry - A real estate business that you can start without a license.

  • Knowledge - Learn what it takes to run a successful real estate business.

  • Free Up Your Time - Earn revenue to hire assistants so you can stop working 9 and 10 hour days.

  • Systems for to Use for Your Success - Knowing what systems to use and when.

  • Clients - Get the secrets on what it takes to find motivated sellers.

  • Network - Figuring out how to put all the key players together to make it work for your business.

  • Referrals - How to grow your business with great reviews.

  • Scale - Even if you have to start small, knowing how to increase your real estate business as you gain more knowledge.

Here's The Issue

Well, it’s more like issues and they keep adding up.

Real estate wholesaling and investing has historically been a male dominated industry.

You don’t exactly feel comfortable pushing through the crowd as a new real estate wholesaler.

You know you’re great at problem solving but the biggest problem is where to get started.

You know you could start your real estate wholesaling business on your own but you really don’t want to.

Flipping houses and wholesaling looks easy on TV, all wrapped up and cashing checks within an hour (less if you take out commercial breaks).

But you know the fastest way to success in any new business is with a partner to show you the way.

Been There, Felt That

I have been right where you’re standing. Wanting my own business that allowed me to do the things that I love: real estate and helping people. 

I am a natural leader and helper. Combine that with excellent problem solving skills, I knew I would be successful in real estate. When I learned about wholesaling, it was so easy to dive in and get back in the game. It seemed so simple, I knew I was missing something.

So I did what you are doing now. I started looking for answers and help. There was no school for wholesaling real estate. In fact, that’s the beauty of it. No formal education requirements to make a lucrative income in real estate. I tried finding a fit with all kind of mentors. 

How do I get into this boys club? Will they tell me everything I know without assuming I know the bits they’re leaving out. It was scary and costly. I stuck through it and found a few matches but it never felt like a true partnership.  Plus, I never got the one on one attention and information that I needed to really be successful.  

After years of working hard and closing wholesale deals I felt it time to give back and share what I learned through trial and error. While you can get a headstart, you can’t learn everything online. There are so many variables in every real estate transaction that you can hardly know everything without having a partner who has almost seen it all. 

Core Program Benefits

With Partner with Nicki, I’ll help you create and launch your own real estate wholesaling business. 

Because an entrepreneur’s home life and business life sometimes run together, I’ll be giving you resources you can use in your personal life as well. 

And since I love wholesaling, I’ll be helping you have fun in your business, just like I do. 

I want you to be successful and achieve all your goals through real estate.

The Lessons

This is what we will cover during our first 6 months together when you Partner Like A Boss:

  • What you need to get started
  • Marketing
  • How to find your first seller
  • How to talk to sellers
  • How to analyze a deal
  • How to make an offer
  • Contracts
  • How to find cash buyers
  • Closing 
  • Networking
  • Systems
  • And much more!

Here’s what You Get and How it Works:

  • Complete online course (Yours to Keep Forever)
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Weekly personal coaching and business building calls
  • 24 Hour Email Question Line
  • 300 Leads to Get You Started and thereafter
  • Cash Buyer List Starter
  • Call Center Access for Lead Collection (for those who still work while building their business)
  • All the scripts you will need (in person and over the phone)