Partner On The Move

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One Hour One on One Coaching/Consulting - $149

Do feel like you almost got it together but need some insight from a partner who’s been down this road? Schedule a one hour coaching call and we will advise and consult you on what you need to do next.  Ask anything you want to know and get direct answers the action steps you need to take immediately.

50 free leads in your market at the completion of call to get you started.


Partner On Your Own

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Are you ready to buckle down and learn how to wholesale real estate? Fully relatable and easy to understand course outlining all of the steps to launch a successful and profitable real estate wholesaling business. 

Course includes 8+ lessons, knowledge tests, practical examples, scripts and more. You’ll be added to my private Facebook group, access to weekly conference calls and email support. 

Invest today to lock your price and you will receive 300 free leads in your market to get you started.

Online Course Regular Pricing -  $549 One time 


Partner Step by Step (Most Popular)

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One Month One on One Coaching - $479


  • Immediate steps to take to start your business and close your first deal.
  • Daily 30 minute phone calls as needed and 24 hour email question line.
  • Real estate marketing strategies. 
  • Weekly action steps to implement.
  • Business tips that can be used in any market.
  • Daily content packed emails.
  • Scripts and Templates to use for marketing.
  • Deal analysis and follow up with any dead end deals by our team.   
  • Access to my cash buyers to get your deals closed.

Invest today to lock your price and you will receive 200 free leads each month in your market to get you started. 


Partner Like A Boss (Must be approved to enter this program)

Year of One on One Coaching  $4,400 One time payment or 3 Installments $1,467 each

Comprehensive, High Intensity Program for success driven boss ladies ONLY. Includes:

  • Complete online course (Yours to Keep Forever)
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Weekly personal coaching and business building calls
  • 24 Hour Email Question Line
  • 300 Leads to Get You Started and thereafter
  • Cash Buyer List Starter
  • Call Center Access for Lead Collection (for those who still work while building their business)
  • All the scripts you will need (in person and over the phone)